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At DAC-Payments, we understand the diverse financial needs of businesses in the global landscape. Our services extend to a broad spectrum of money transfer categories, ensuring that your international financial operations are seamless and efficient. From trade transactions and supplier payments to humanitarian aid and travel expenses, DAC-Payments is your trusted partner for navigating the intricate world of international finances. We're committed to providing tailored solutions that cater to businesses' specific requirements, helping you unlock new opportunities, expand markets, and manage your financial interactions with confidence. Explore the possibilities with DAC-Payments and experience a world of financial ease.

We cover multiple types of business payments


Trade Transactions

International trade often involves complex financial transactions. DAC-Payments simplifies the process, ensuring secure and timely payments and fostering trust among trading partners.


Supplier Payments

Efficiently manage supplier payments across borders. DAC-Payments offers transparent, cost-effective solutions, optimizing your supply chain and strengthening relationships with suppliers.

Export and Import

Enhance cash flow and reduce the financial burden of importing/exporting goods. DAC-Payments provides competitive rates, facilitating smoother international trade operations.

Employee Compensation

Pay your global workforce seamlessly with DAC-Payments. Our platform streamlines international payroll, ensuring your employees receive their compensation promptly.


DAC-Payments simplifies cross-border investments, allowing individuals and businesses to diversify their portfolios with ease. We make international investment transactions secure and straightforward.

Dividend and Interest Payments

Manage dividend and interest payments effortlessly and on time. DAC-Payments offers competitive rates and ensures your stakeholders receive their dues without delays.


Tax Payments

Stay compliant with international tax obligations through DAC-Payments. We facilitate tax payments, helping businesses and individuals fulfill their responsibilities promptly.

Licensing and Royalties

Streamline royalty payments and licensing agreements with DAC-Payments. Our platform simplifies financial transactions, fostering productive partnerships.

Market Expansion

Expand your business globally with confidence. DAC-Payments eases market entry by handling payments, allowing you to concentrate on growth strategies.

Mergers and Acquisitions

Smoothly manage financial aspects of mergers and acquisitions. DAC-Payments ensures secure fund transfers, aiding the success of these strategic moves.

Repatriation of Profits

DAC-Payments facilitates the repatriation of profits earned abroad. Our platform simplifies profit transfers, helping businesses utilize their international earnings effectively.

Risk Management

Mitigate financial risks with DAC-Payments. We offer tailored solutions to protect against currency fluctuations and other potential financial risks that can hurt the business.


Compliance and Regulatory

Ensure compliance with international financial regulations. DAC-Payments helps individuals and businesses navigate complex regulatory landscapes, maintaining financial integrity.

Charitable Contributions

Support global humanitarian efforts and charitable causes. DAC-Payments makes international donations and aid disbursements secure and transparent.

Loan Repayments

Facilitate international loan repayments with DAC-Payments. We simplify the process, helping individuals and businesses meet their financial obligations with ease.

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