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At DAC-Payments, we recognize the significance of individual financial transactions in the modern world. Our services cater to a wide array of personal payment categories, ensuring that your financial interactions are convenient, secure, and cost-effective. From remittances and online purchases to travel expenses and education fees, DAC-Payments is your reliable companion for managing your international and domestic financial needs. We prioritize your financial well-being, offering tailored solutions that make every transaction a hassle-free experience. Experience the ease of managing your personal finances with DAC-Payments, where your financial aspirations become a reality.

We cover multiple types of personal payments

foreign travel (2)

Foreign Travel

Individuals make international payments to cover expenses during overseas vacations, including hotel accommodations, airfare, meals, and activities.

education abroad

Education Abroad

Students studying in foreign countries or parents funding their education make international payments for tuition fees and living expenses.

real estate

Real Estate Investment

People purchasing property in other countries use international payments to complete real estate transactions, including down payments, mortgages.


International Investments

Individuals invest in foreign stocks, bonds, mutual funds necessitating international payments for investment and dividend income.

foriegn exchange

Foreign Exchange

For currency exchange and travel money, international payments are used to buy foreign currency and traveler’s checks for use during travel.

medical expenses (2)

Medical Expenses

When seeking medical treatment abroad, individuals use international payments to cover healthcare expenses, including hospital bills and medications.



Migrant workers send money to their home countries to support family through international payments and remittance services.

gifts and donation

Gifts and Donations

International payments are made for sending gifts to family and friends overseas or for contributing to international charities and organizations.


Retirement Funds

Some individuals maintain international accounts or pension plans in foreign countries and receive retirement income through international payments.

expatriate living

Expatriate Living

People living as expatriates or temporary residents in foreign countries use international payments to manage their day-to-day expenses.

purchase of imported

Purchase of Imported Goods

When buying products from foreign countries, individuals use international payments to make online purchases.

dual citizenship

Dual Citizenship and Passport Fees

Payment of fees related to acquiring dual citizenship, renewing passports, or obtaining visas often involves international payments.

marriage expenses

Marriage Expenses

For international destination  marriages between individuals from different countries, international payments cover the cost of the wedding ceremony.

inheritance and estate settlement

Inheritance and Estate Settlement

Beneficiaries of international estates may receive inheritances through international payments, including the distribution of assets and investments.

fullfiling obligations

Fulfilling Obligations

International payments are made to meet financial obligations, such as alimony, child support, or other legal requirements.

savings and investment accounts

Savings and Investment Accounts

People may hold international savings and investment accounts, earning interest and dividends through international payments.

online services and subscription

Online Services and Subscriptions

Paying for online services, streaming subscriptions, or digital products from foreign providers requires international payments.

emergency assistance for financial help (1)

Emergency Assistance

In times of emergencies, individuals may send or receive international payments for urgent financial support.

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